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5.0 out of 5 stars Miami the Magic City, June 30, 2012
By hermelk
Football, high profile players, night clubs, models, money, drugs and sex. Now throw in a murder and you have one great mystery taking place in my hometown "Miami". The characters, circumstances and dialogues were all very believable. I orginally purchased the book because I wanted to read a story taking place in Miami. This did not disappoint! The author captured the life styles of those who live in the fast lane perfectly. The book held my interest throughout and the ending was not what I expected. Who knows what I expected. This is my first book by this author and I will be looking for other books by C.K. Laurence.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow - Laurence nailed it! A great read. June 30, 2012
By Ann White - Transformational Author and Spiritual Speaker
I loved this book from the very beginning. The characters were well developed, multi-dimensional and compelling. The plot was gripping - never a dull moment. I loved the author's football knowledge - very real (I worked three training camps seasons for a pro football team so I know just how real they are.) And her descriptions of SoBe were fun and vibrant. The mystery of who killed Jessica Benson was full of twists, suspicions and suspense. And the ending - WOW. I won't breathe a word of it but it was a shocker. Can't wait for my next read by C.K. Laurence -- she is a great wordsmith, author, and storyteller. If there were more stars, I would give them.

5.0 out of 5 stars
***** Who did it to Jessica?, May 30, 2012
By Harriet W. Berg
Adult readers only, please, and if offended by many varied types of sexual behavior, then do not continue.
The author has written a murder mystery with such powerful characters that the reader is immediately caught up into the story. Author knowledge of professional football and police work shines throughout. The plot curves and twists through the streets of South Beach. The story builds a sweet love story between two very strong characters, while at the same time portraying a variety of perverse emotions and behaviors for others. So much is the emotional involvement for the reader with the characters that when the story is finished, the reader says, "Well, what's next?" And the ending really surprises.
This book definitely rates as a page-turner for those who can get through the aforementioned cautions which are, after all, very much a part of the story.

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, July 29, 2012
By Stephen M. Martin
I'll be brief-this is one great read and re-read. Draws you in and won't let go. When's the next one?
The Mystery of Jessica Benson by C. K. Laurence
Excellent Page Turner, May 4, 2012
The story grabs you and does not let you put it down. The author's use of dialogue to allow the personalities of the characters to unfold was excellent and realistic. The characters are compelling, and the aura of suspicion roars like a wildfire from one possibility to the next. The reader truly gets the feel of Miami Beach, as the author obviously knows her SoBe. The sexy parts are steamy, and the psychological motivations that propel all the characters are authentic and believable. As a football fan, I loved the parsimonious way the gridiron moments were written. This one is worth buying, and the author is one to keep an eye out for. I can't wait for C.K.'s next outing.
– Thomas P. Bruce
Outstanding New Crime Thriller - THE MYSTERY OF JESSICA BENSON
This novel is without doubt first rate crime fiction. Characters are real. Plot twists everywhere. First rate dialogue up there with the great writers of our time. The author hits the details of homicide/detective work as though he or she has been a part of it or studied it carefully for a long, long time. I read the book from California to Miami, in what was to be the shortest flight ever, because I was riveted to the read. C.K. Laurence is a relatively new force to be reckoned with in the contemporary crime fiction genre.
– Rick Lindstrom